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Pre-Hire Driver Assessments
A vital need for any company employing drivers is to ensure that the applicant not only suits the academic qualifications required for the position but also has the required competence level to use or operate any of your company vehicles.
Insurance companies are looking to save payouts for bent metal and at fault accidents.
Gone are the days when a nice smile and the right licence secured a driving position. Almost all forward thinking companies now - as part of their selection process - require that drivers are assessed correctly before they are offered a position.
We offer pre-hire driver assessment with our qualified trainers. This incorporates a computerised Theory and Hazard Perception evaluation as well as a demonstration of the driver's practical skills.
The driver must be able to demonstrate a good working knowledge of the vehicle and the legal requirements that make the vehicle fit for purpose.
A full report is issued for each driver, with the assessment being carried out in your vehicle over a pre-selected route.
Drivers must already hold the appropriate full category of licence entitlement to drive the type of vehicle used in the assessment.
The practical assessment consists of:
Licence check
Eyesight check
Daily vehicle (first use inspection) check
Vehicle condition
Health and safety questions
Starting/moving off - correct use of gears
Vehicle control
Road behaviour
Mirrors - use and frequency
Correct Signalling
Road Signage
Attention to other traffic and road conditions
Manoeuvres and vehicle positioning
Driver attitude
Highway Code
Remember! This is your vehicle with your name on it!
If you regularly employ Agency drivers this Pre-Hire element is invaluable.  There are more and more good drivers coming onto the market for driving positions.  You do not have to take the first through the door.  This process is all about getting the right person for you and your company and saving you money in claims, vehicles off of the road, and heartache..