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Digital and Analogue Tachograph Training

We provide analogue and digital tachograph training: Analogue and digital tachographs, drivers' hours compliance, break requirements, daily and weekly rest periods and compensations and analogue chart compilation. We even teach your drivers how to read and understand a digital tachograph printout.
Analogue Tachographs

With Digital tachographs being a requirement for 'in scope' vehicles registered after May 1st, 2006, it is inevitable that over the next decade or so there will be fewer 'in scope' vehicles with Analogue units as vehicle fleets are replaced. However, both drivers and supervisory staff will still be required to understand maintain these units, as well analysing and storing charts in accordance with the regulation.
Digital Tachographs

You may not currently be operating digitally equipped vehicles, however should you purchase a new or more modern vehicle or even rent a vehicle the chances are that it will be equipped with a digital tachograph, please be aware that drivers cannot drive a digitally equipped vehicle without a digital drivers card, so it is worth considering having your drivers and office staff trained now.
There are four digital tachograph manufacturers, Siemens, Stoneridge, Actia and Grundig. Each Digital Tachograph will accept four cards, Driver, Company, Control and Workshop cards and instead of a paper tachograph chart the Digital Tachograph provides a thermal printout.
Drivers must apply for and are responsible for their own digital driver cards. We are able to supply the relevant application forms if you have a requirement for company or driver cards. Operators must apply for at least one Company card, this card allows the operator to lock data in and out of the Tachograph and also enables access to the tachographs mass memory for data downloading and driver card reading.
Click link for Digital Tacho card download form D777B www.dft.gov.uk/dvla/forms/onlineforms.aspx 
For tachograph analysis both Analogue & Digital, please click the link to Pentons Analogue & Digital Tachograph Analysis services  Services Leading experts in this field.