Fleet Driver Assessment & Training Limited - Specialist Vocational Driver Training Vehicle and Trailer
B+E (Car + Trailer)
Towing Practice, Training and Test
If you obtained your car licence after January 1997, you will need trailer training and sit the DSA driving test to acquire B+E entitlement.
New drivers may only drive a vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW) with a 750kgs GVW trailer.  New rules will apply from 19 January 2013 - seehttps://www.gov.uk/browse/driving
We provide B+E training for anyone wanting to tow:
  • Caravans
  • Large camping trailers
  • Horseboxes
  • Vintage and Elite cars
  • 4 x 4 off roaders and quad bikes trailers
We also provide B+E training for company drivers who need to tow:
  • Mobile showrooms and presentation units
  • Construction - excavating and mini-diggers
  • Car and vehicle transporters
  • Recovery trailers
  • Luggage trailers
  • Catering trailers
  • Speciality trailers
We have a full range of training options suitable for people who have trailer experience but need to pass the test - through to people who will be handling a trailer for the first time.
Our off road training facility offers peace of mind and builds confidence without the pressure of other road users.
Use your own vehicle and our trailer, or use our vehicles and trailers. 
Our Training Prices:
£60.00    Initial assessment.
£155.00  4 hour AM or PM session using our vehicle and trailer
£130.00  4 hour AM or PM session using your own car and our Trailer
If you require any further information just call or use our enquiry form.
Trailer Training Courses for B+E Test
The car and trailer test (B+E) is based on the HGV driving test and can only be taken at a vocational (bus & lorry) driving centre. The practical driving test is for at least 1hour 30 minutes. The tests are conducted at The Driving Standards Agency's vocational driving test centres nationally.
All our patient instructors are experienced drivers with extensive towing experience both on and off road. As well as preparing drivers to test standards we are also able to train for off road working environments. We provide trailer-training courses for individuals and businesses; whether you wish to tow a trailer, horsebox, caravan or boat. All our courses are tailored to suit customer needs.
Where a single candidate supplies their own towing vehicle and trailer.
Prices start from £35 per hour. The vehicle and trailer supplied must comply with the standards required by the Driving Standards Agency and must be insured whilst training and under test displaying L plates and having extra external mirrors for the examiners use. The trailer must be of boxed type construction, a minimum of one tonne and at least as tall and as wide as the tow vehicle. It must also be laden with a load of 1000KG.  The vehicle must have an audible or visible warning to indicate the trailer lights are functioning correctly.